Foller benefits everyone and reduces food waste at every turn.

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Up to 2000 dollars worth of food is wasted yearly in an average family.

Source: Natural Resources Defense Council

Minimizing food wastage.

The smart way.

Food waste is a huge problem - both environmentally and economically.

One-third of all produced food is lost or wasted - majority of it in households.

Foller makes reducing food waste economically beneficial.

Consumer benefits
  • Automatic expiry tracking

  • Dynamic pricing based on expiration dates

  • Food safety, transparency and traceability

  • Personalized offers and new services for convenience and ease of use

  • Smarter inventory - less food waste

  • New consumer engagement opportunities

  • Increased customer loyalty through new personalised services

  • Opportunities for dynamic pricing and marketing 

Retailer benefits
Producer benefits
  • Better balance between produced and sold food - less food waste

  • Providing info on food safety, traceability and transparency

  • Communicating competitiveness factors to consumers

  • Increased responsibility throughout the chain 

From an IoT competition winner to a real world service

Foller is an awarded (Elisa IoT Challenge) concept with the mission to reduce food waste globally. Today´s digitalisation trends in retail, consumer demands and user behavior are enabling agile solutions to be implemented matching the needs of the modern consumer.

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Foller is a solution for tracking and managing expiring goods

The operating environment of food production is currently undergoing a transition, which will open new earning possibilities to the actors in the field, and force food production and supply chain to reinvent itself.


At the product origin (producer or processor) valuable data such as expiration date, product origin or production methods can be added to the unique product info.

Foller keeps track of expiry dates, preventing spoilage - most of which is due to passed expiration dates. Better awareness of purchaced products also enables other services for consumer convenience.

The extended product information can be monitored and utilized throughout the entire supply chain – from the producer to grocery stores - and from the stores to the fridge of the customer.

“The IoT has already started working its way into retail stores, and technologies will continue to disrupt the traditional retail process in the coming years.”


Andrew Meola

Business Insider, 2016

"Foller is an amazing service with potential to revolutionalize the business"

 Krista Paloheimo, SIS. Deli Cafe

Potential economic impact of IoT in retail per year in 2025

$410 billion to $1.2 trillion

The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype

McKinsey Global Institute, 2016

Transparent food production

Intelligent retail

Responsible consumption

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